OCTOBER 11-15, 2021

AISIS Prizes

May 11, 2021 (updated Sep 30, 2021)

An AISIS prize will be awarded for each of the pillars: Science, Industry and Society, based on the video contributions visible in the Sessions and Contributions section, evaluated by the full symposium programme committee, according to our evaluation criteria as follows:

  • Is AI being used in an interesting and/or innovative way to solve the task of interest?

  • Is the contribution confined to a very specific topic of interest, or is it more generally of relevance to the community? We would like to promote interdisciplinary activities.

  • Is the contribution relevant to only one of the AISIS pillars (science, industry, and society), or is it transversal and thus of importance for the full community?

  • Is the presentation accessible? Can people from other sessions understand both what is being done, and the importance of what is being done?

The winners will be awarded with a plenary talk in the final Prizes session of the symposium to convey their ideas to the symposium, and will receive a certificate of recognition for their excellent contribution.